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                      • 万科棠樾3
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                      POST TIME:2013-07-22 16:47:21

                      主创设计:KOICHI KOBAYASHI
                      ? ? ? ?项目是万科集团继“第五园”后打造的又一中式豪宅力作,一期总用地面积约110000平方米,以安徽歙县棠樾乡为思想原点,“营造一种方东奢华为主的低密度现代居住氛围”为设计核心,以水元素为主题,模拟一个水上江南的村落概念,使每栋别墅都于水巷而居,阐述东方居住美学中水的重要性。法国DELDbf88必发官网登入设计公司主创设计师参与设计,精巧的空间布局,现代的设计表现手法,静谧而朴实的徽派风格,并运用东方文化特有的低调,展现了属于东方居住的奢华概念。使其成为一处静思之地,在南中国的别墅市场中独树一帜。

                      Oriental World
                      Lead designer: KOICHI KOBAYASHI
                      Style: Modern Chinese style
                      Area: Project Area: 110,000 m2
                      Location: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
                      Developer: Vanke Group
                      ? ? ? ?The project is another Chinese luxury masterpiece after Diwuyuan constructed by Vanke Group. The fist phase, a total area of about 110,000 square meters, of its idea that is originated from Tangyue Town, Shexian Country, Anhui Province, creates an ‘Eastern luxury-based low-density modern living environment’ design plan and takes water element as the theme to simulate a ‘Water South’ village concept that make every villa stood down the water in expression of the importance of water in the East living aesthetics. The compact space layout, modern design expression, quiet gray manner and oriental undertone all demonstrate a luxury concept of Eastern Living thereby making it a land of peace and quiet. It has become an unique villa market in southern China.